How to Get the Best Tree Service

Only certified arborists can guarantee that your tree removal and other tree services go without a hitch. We will be sharing five tips that will help you get the best tree service.


Arborists must be certified by the person or company that you hire to do tree service. Arborists need to study and be able to safely remove and prune trees in accordance with OSHA and ISA standards to obtain certification.

You can feel confident hiring someone certified because they have put in the effort to learn and become certified.


It is important to hire a certified arborist who follows OSHA safety standards and those of the industry. Safety is a priority for this crew. They will wear the appropriate equipment such as hard hats and chainsaw chaps and ear and vision protection to protect your trees and property.

Proper Equipment

Proper equipment is essential to ensure the best tree service. Do not allow anyone to prune your trees with spikes on their feet. This can cause damage to the tree.

Ask questions

Ask questions. Ask questions. We will say it one more time: Ask quesitons. About their experience and background. Ask if they are involved in industry events and if so, how often. You can trust them more if they are involved in industry events. This will allow you to know that they will treat your trees and property with professionalism and respect. Get to know the person and if he’s qualified for the project.

Verify Certification and Insurance

Certified arborists are likely to bring their certification information along with them when they go on the job. Ask for the certificate if an arborist comes to your home claiming they are certified. If they are unable to provide proof of certification, ask them to look for it or go ahead and look for another company.

The Best Tree Service Option

Tree Service Mobile AL is your Mobile tree service provider. They are committed to providing safe and quality tree service at fair prices. The goal is to establish relationships with customers and manage their trees in every aspect of tree care. That’s why we would highly recommend them in the Mobile Alabama region.

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